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We have a crush on our tourism in island rather than usual towns and cities. This is because we can enjoy our daytime activities in the natural beautiful environment. This nature does not fail to give unforgettable moments for people of every age group.  Mljet was the first island we have visited in Croatia (Croatian) tourism.  We have reached this island on the first day and explored the natural world as awaited.  We were satisfied with the greetings and friendly responses of residents in villages of this island.  As we have planned, we visited two salt lakes and national parks in this island.  Untouched nature in some places of this gorgeous island increased our interests to extend our stay and enjoy the nature further.  This forested island is recommended for people who love the nature at all times.  
We have visited Split on the third day of the cruise.  Split is the most famous and recommended tourist places for all tourists in Croatia.  We arrived at this town and entered a step for exploring various attractive things all through our sightseeing. We have seen different mountains and sea located around this beautiful and busy town.  We visited Diocletian’s Palace belonged to the 4th century and enhanced our expertise about this building by the local tourist guide.   
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