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Split is a beautiful coastline city and it known for many interesting places such as Diocletian’s places, Museum of Croatian Archaeology, Croatian National theatre etc. Once we complete our breakfast, we visited all those places and spent our day. It was very exciting to visit those places because we have never visited such impressive places in our previous vacations. My children asked me to take many pictures of them. They wanted to show those images to his friend who has shown them his pictures. A major highlight about our day in Split was we have seen an amazing play in Croatian National theatre. Actually i thought the play will be in the Croatia (Croatian) but the artists spoke English. So we have watched it completely and came out at evening. Then we moved to seashore and enjoyed few hours there.
On our next day, we planned for yacht charter so we hired a yacht and travel to Bisevo which is a small island near split. I have heard that people who visit Split will definitely visit this island to see the Blue cave which is located here.  Actually it is 18 meters long which is present in the middle of the sea. When we enter into the cave, we could see the reflection of water over the walls of the cave. This reflection gave blue colour to the cave. My family members were astonished by looking at the unbelievable beauty of nature. Grand Basin, St. Louis Art Museum; Courtesy of Anna Elliott. On the second day of our yachting, we go towards Lastovo Island. Once we have reached this beautiful island, we enjoyed the most expected entertaining activities. This island is rich in churches and known worldwide for its cultural events.  The overall efforts of the local government for preserving the natural beauty of this island surprised us and encouraged us for exploring this island without damaging natural things in and around this island. We have taken photos of Linda Elliott soon after we saw 15th and 16th century Venetian architecture.  We understood how Roman Catholic tradition followed by residents in this island lead to small sizes of large number of churches all through this island.  We have visited Biza Antica house and amazed by the ornate chimney belonged to the 16th century Professional Harpist.  We also visited and photographed Struga Lighthouse that was built in 1839. This is why it is worth considering budget yacht charter Croatia and sail at Adriatic Sea. We choose always Velmundi for yacht charter in Croatia, as our most trusted partner in this way of spending sailing vacation.
We have reached Korcualr by our yacht and begun a step for improving our leisure activities in this island. This island is locted on the Adriatic Sea. We visited different medieval towers and walls in the town of Korcula used to fortify the harbour. We have enjoyed our daytime by sunbathing, mini golf, swimming, diving and other outdoor activities. We were satisfied with our tourism in this attractive island.  This was because we stay away from the stressful lifestyle in this day. We have a desire now to select the best yacht charter and take pleasure in Croatia tourism again.
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